v0.8.1 [3 Feb 2008]

- updated German localization to be more consistant between menu and pref window prefs. Thanks Thomas Fischer.
- fixed the Control Panel submenu items not showing up when run on certain systems. Thanks Thomas Fischer.
- updated localization for Japanese. Thanks Chris Li.

v0.8 [29 Jan 2008]

- included Swedish localization - thanks to Anders F Björklund
- updated for 10.5 compatibility - so now X-Assist work again.
- updated for 10.4 compatibility - now on the right again.
- updated sample plugins to latest compiler
- updated everything to be Universal Binaries
- fixed some icon drawing issues in menus.
- cleaned up MP3 Plugin, fixed a crashing bug.

v0.7 [4 Nov 2003]

- added preference to enable control-ESC hotkey for those who don't want the feature.
- added preference and hot key capability for classic applications to Hide Current (command-H).
- added preference and hot key capability for classic applications to Hide Others (command-option-H).
- added Traditional Chinese Localization - thanks Joe Wong
- fix a bug in 10.3 and when "Hide Application Name in Menu Bar by Default." is enabled, the menu would not appear to the far right.
- synced new changes for all Localized resources - these new items aren't localized.

v0.6 [27th Oct 2003]

- dug out the code from 2 years ago and updated it to the latest compiler.
- updated compatibility for OSX 10.3, appears to still work in 10.2.
- fixed a few long standing "small" memory leaks. <grin>
- included Italian Localization - thanks Simone Bettini

v0.5.1 [12th Nov 2001]

- updated for OSX 10.1 support. As a result some features may no longer work with 10.0.x
- integrated/updated a few more localizations (some incomplete), Japanese, German, French, Spanish

v0.5 [21st May 2001]

- added icon for Menu Resizer.
- added support for using Shift key to temporarily invert the current Windowing mode. (defaulted off).
- improved the display of Control Panel name (internal name and localized).
- integrated a few localizations (some incomplete), Japanese, German, French
- re-arranged preference pane and added two new prefs.

v0.4 [1st May 2001]

- added support for remembering recent applications.
- added ability to hide icons for everything but the Application Menu.
- added support for hiding other apps when switching - for those who asked for it.
- added Control-ESC hotkey to toggle on/off OS9 windowing mode.
- added more prefs.
- improved handling of "non-standard" filenames causing X-Assist to quit.
- adopted application icon. Thanks to Mike Meacham.
- updated SetVolume plugin to support setting Alert and System volume.
- fixed bug in SetVolume causing one channel to be set to Zero volume. Doh!

v0.3 [23rd April 2001]

- fixed a bug in the application menu causing icons to not draw properly.
- fixed cause of occasional sudden quiting of app.
- added "Control Panel" submenu to Shortcuts submenu for easy access to Prefs.
- added alias resolving of folders in the "X-Assist Items" folder. So you can now add an alias to the Applications folder.
- menu resizer now updates correctly. Sweet!!
- added more prefs.

v0.2 [19th April 2001]

- added support for showing the application menu on the right of the Clock.
- added current running process tickmark in application menu.
- added support for option-select new process to hide current process then switch.
- added Hide (app name), Hide Others and Show All - for all those that asked for it.
- added more preferences to configure the app:
- relocated the Toggle Window Mode item and moved the "Edit Preferences" to a submenu.
- added a checkmark next to Toggle Window Mode to indicate the current state.
- x-assist is now a fully background application.
- re-arranged preferences window to include access to what used to be in the apps menus.
- improved internal handling of OSX applications.
- application menu items now sorted in alphabetical order.
- fixed a bad resource in the about box text... oops.
- improved documentation.

v0.1 [Initial Release] 17th April 2001