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Contacts And Support

If you have any bug reports or suggestions for NetFinder, we'd like to hear from you about them.

If you have a bug to report, please include the following information so we can replicate the problem and fix it:

  1. The type of computer you have (model, CPU type, amount of memory), and any 3rd party products and extensions you think may be part of the problem
  2. What version of System software you are using (10.4.8, 10.5 etc)
  3. What version of NetFinder you are currently running. If you do not specify this then we will reply with an email asking you to specify what version you are using and asking you to get the latest version if you don't have it. Please do not waste your own time when the fix may already be available in a new version.
  4. Which site(s) cause the problem, or the full URL.
  5. Which protocol you are using (FTP, SFTP, FTPS, WebDAV...)
  6. What settings/preferences you are using
  7. If it is an issue interacting with an FTP server, a copy of the relevant part of the transcript if it will help. To do this, you can either open the transcript window, select the transcript text, and copy the selected text to the clipboard and then paste it into your email, or you can turn on the "Log Transcript To Disk" preference to create a transcript file, open the transcript file named "NetFinder Transcript.log" (located in the ~/Library/Logs/ folder) with a text editor, and then send the relevant part of the transcript. Please send only the relevant part because looking through 50K (say) of transcript isn't much fun.
  8. Instructions on how to reproduce the problem (eg, open this dialog and click that button, etc, etc.)

If you can isolate the cause, then that will make it much easier and much more likely that we will able to fix the bug. It will also save us from having to ask you for more information. Here are several simple things to try:

  1. Try changing between PORT and PASV FTP mode (for FTP/FTPS servers) - see Firewall Preferences
  2. Deleting some NetFinder preferences like "Directory Cache", "DNR Cache" (in the "NetFinder 3" folder) located in your ~/Library/Preferences/ folder).
  3. Try checking your disk with Disk Utility (located in /Applications/Utilities/)
  4. Try repairing permissions on your disk with Disk Utility (located in /Applications/Utilities/) - you will be surprised the number of odd things this has fixed in the past, so no harm in trying.
  5. Restarting your computer.
  6. Restarting your modem, ADSL modem, Cable modem.
  7. Checking your network connection.

If you need to send us some e-mail, send it to:

Support at

Please put in the "Subject" field of your e-mail either

"NetFinder - Suggestion" for any suggestions,


"NetFinder - Bug" for any bug reports


"NetFinder" if you just wish to write about something in general.


If you are feeling lazy, just type "NF"

We ask this of you because we get our fair share of e-mail so we tend to ignore any e-mail that does not have a subject that tells us what the email is about.

Other Contacts:

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