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Program Customization

NetFinder has many options which are presented in various categories. Each is shown as a separate "pane" within the NetFinder Preferences window.

To configure NetFinder, run NetFinder, then select the "Preferences..." menu option from the NetFinder menu next to the Apple menu in the top left corner of your screen. The NetFinder Preferences window will then open.

6.1 Common Items

Prefs - Main Window

The NetFinder Preferences window, as seen above, is the main view where you start before navigating to the various categories of preferences.

Other things you may find useful in this window are:

6.2 Connection Pane

Prefs - Connection

FTP Connections:

Logging Information:

6.3 Listing Pane

Prefs - Listing

Directory Listing Options:

Default Listing Encoding:

Caching Options:

6.4 Display Pane

Prefs - Display

6.5 General Pane

Prefs - General

General Options:

Recent Places:

Default FTP Application:

Default SFTP Application:

FTP Server Command Format:

6.6 Getting Attention Pane

Prefs - Attention

Speech/Sound options:

6.7 Action Pane

Prefs - Action

6.8 Upload Pane

Prefs - Upload

Upload File Options:

One Time Upload Options
Pre-existing File Action:

Transfer Name Conflict
Pre-existing Folder Action:

Other Options:

6.9 Download Pane

Prefs - Download

File Download Options:

One Time Download Options
Pre-existing File Action:

Pre-existing Folder Action:

Default Download Location:

6.10 Transfer Pane

Prefs - Transfer

Transfer Options: Mirror/Sync Options:

Post-Download Options:

6.11 Firewall Pane

Prefs - Firewall

6.12 URL Pane

Prefs - URL
This preference panel is dedicated to specifying the mapping of private to public URL's. This is useful when you are manipulating files on your server, however you wish to copy the URL as seen by the public when they access your website.

The private URL is the same as the one seen in a New Connection window or the URL string seen at the top of the listing window.

The public URL is essentially the URL you would use to view the folder (you are looking at in the private URL) in your Web Browser (eg Safari).

To add a new entry:
  1. Click the "+" button. This will create a new empty entry.
  2. Edit the Private and Public URL fields.
To remove an entry:
  1. Select an entry you wish to delete.
  2. Click the "-" button.
The settings will take effect when you close the Preferences Window.

Once this preference is configured, you can copy a html file or graphic files public URL with a single keyboard shortcut.
For example, if you are looking at a listing located at ftp://peter@www.company.com/public_html/ and you want the public URL of a file in this folder called "products.html", then you simply have to select the file, then use the "Copy Public URL's to Clipboard" command from the Edit menu from the Menu Bar. This command is shown when you press the option/alt key down when you click on the Edit Menu.

Once you copy the URL, you can then paste it into your web browser and view the file you selected. The URL would then be auto-mapped (based on what you setup) to something like http://www.company.com/products.html

To make things even easier for you, you can use the WebView command in the Tools menu to essentially: get the public URL of the files you selected in your listing, then open each of these URL's in your browser. Hence saving you from copying and pasting into a new browser window.

Of course you may not want to open the file in your browser, as you may be copying the public URL for the sake of updating your HTML files with say new images or links which need a public URL.

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