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Quick Start Guide

3.1 Installing NetFinder

3.2 Running NetFinder

3.3 Connecting To Servers

  1. Create a New Connection window. You can do this by going to the menu File > New Connection. Or use the keyboard shortcut command-N.
  2. Select the protocol you wish to connect to the server as, eg ftp, sftp etc.
  3. Enter your server name. eg "ftp.linksys.com".
  4. Enter your username/login name. Or leave this field blank if it is an anonymous login server.
  5. Enter your password. Or leave blank for anonymous logins.
  6. Optionally enter a path. For webdav and file protocol, you must enter a path. eg "/" without the quotes.
  7. Finally, click on the Connect button. NetFinder will now establish a connection to your server, and if all goes well, you will see a listing window appear.

3.4 Transferring Files

3.5 Other Actions

3.6 Saving Your Server Details

3.7 Quitting NetFinder

3.8 Uninstalling NetFinder

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