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Credits and History

10.1 Credits and Licenses

NetFinder uses various libraries written by third parties without which the product would not be what it is today. Their licenses and various other credits are as follows.

10.2 Version History

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10.3 Product History (by Peter Li)

NetFinder v1.0 was the inspiration of Peter Li (me), but without the help of Vincent Tan in the later part of the project, this product would not look and feel as good as it is today. It all started around the first half of 1996, when I discovered that it was possible to continue a partially downloaded file. I got excited, because I missed those days when I could continue transferring a file over a modem using ZModem. Remember those days? It wasn't that long ago.

Anyway, I was so excited with the network aspect of things I just didn't feel like getting into more interface designing. As time went on, Vincent and many of my other friends were almost making it a weekly thing to ask how things were going. But my reply was always the same, "getting there". Then one day I decided that this project needed to be finished, so I asked Vincent to help code the interface for me. That was around the 4th quarter of 1996. With the little time we had between our own daytime jobs/activities, we managed to get the product to a more useful state, as opposed to my terminal based test program. NetFinder v1.0 was released 4th March 1997.

During 1998, NetFinder took the big leap to v2.0 which gave it a total face lift to bring it in line with the current MacOS and also to extend its connectivity to the fast growing internet by supporting protocols like HTTP, adding support for FTP SSL, ICI Scripting, Mirroring and much much more.

Now, 10 years on, in 2008, with even more experience under the belt, NetFinder 3.0 re-invents itself once again with a completely rewritten interface using the power of Objective-C and the Cocoa framework, and an even more impressive set of features which takes us into the modern world of metadata, automation, enhanced mirroring/syncing and an engine that takes advantage of multi-core processors, support for protocols ftp, ftps, sftp, http, webdav, file... , unicode (UTF8) support, plus much much more.

Expect the unexpected, everything is possible.

As we say at ortabe.com, "Life or•ta•be simple and fun."

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