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1.1 Introduction

Thank you for taking the time to try out NetFinder. We hope that NetFinder will satisfy all your internet file transfer, management and automation needs.

Over the lifetime of NetFinder, it has won a few awards and been rated by some organizations with five stars. We are honored by this rating and we hope to live up to it in the future by continually adding features and support all the new technologies that Apple and the internet have to offer in the future.

Please take some time and read this documentation as it is a comprehensive description of all the features in NetFinder and how they are meant to be used. It also has an extensive FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) section to assist in common problems.

1.2 Feature List

The following is a reasonably comprehensive list of features that NetFinder offers. It by no means is a complete list, so we recommend reading through the documentation to get a really good understanding of what NetFinder is able to offer you.

Supported Protocols

Supported Security Protocols

For ftp protocol:
For ftps/ftpsi protocol:
For sftp protocol:
For http/https protocol:
For webdav/webdavs protocol:

OSX Technology Adoption

Basic Features

Available in Multiple Languages

Useful Features

Advanced Features

Power User Features

Miscellaneous Features - User Interface

Miscellaneous Features - Non User Interface

3rd Party Technology Adoption

1.3 Explanation of Terms

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