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About Ortabe

Find out about the company, the products, the origins and the people behind it.

About Ortabe

Ortabe is a small software company located in Sydney, Australia.

With over 12 years commercial product experience, and a passion for writing software. All the experiences that have been gathered over the years has resulted in a belief and mission to write software that dares to be different, makes peoples lives better so they enjoy using their computers more, make peoples' dreams/wishes become a reality, and most importantly have lots of fun using and developing the software.

The software we write, is used by ourselves everyday, so you can be guaranteed we also love to use products that are feature packed, look good, are easy-to-use and are rock solid in reliability. In fact it is likely that if there is a problem, we have either already fixed it or we have not encountered it yet, so after you email us about the problem we can have it resolved.

Who is behind Ortabe and the products?

Hi! I'm Peter Li, a Apple and Mac fan like yourself, ever since the earliest days Apple created hardware and software. I have always believed in creating great software which people enjoy using, and to "think different" (as Apple once said) when it comes to creating solutions for problems.

I am probably known by some, as the person behind the inspiring idea for the product NetFinder, which had it's debut in early 1997. NetFinder changed the way people worked with files over the internet to remote servers by offering a unique multi-window hierarchical view of the server as if it were available locally, in a time when command line was common and non-hierarchical listing windows were the best thing out there.

Over the years, I have had the privilege of working in a great company called Adstream (previously known as Quickcut), which specializes in pre press products and services. In the process of my work, I am proud to have been involved in making history with the company that sent the first digital color advertisement in Australia. The products which I wrote or contributed to, are not only used in Australia, but around the world for both PC and Mac, making electronic ad validation and delivery a part of people's everyday lives. The feeling of having a significant proportion of all advertising you see in Newspapers and Magazines in Australia, New Zealand, and a lesser proportion in other countries around the world like US, UK, Germany, Singapore etc, go through a piece of software I wrote is an amazing feeling. To find out more on what I have contributed to the world, you can check out my linkedin profile.

During the past few years, I have really missed the excitement of working on NetFinder and my freeware applications, so it was time for a change. A major upgrade to NetFinder, a new website, and time to have lots of fun with my own projects. Hence the start of Ortabe.

How to contact me

Send me an email at

Tell me what you love (or hate) or what you would like to see added or improved. NetFinder has evolved to be a great product because of some great ideas from users around the world. I love to write programs, but I also love talking to people too.

It does not matter if your not from a big organization, and your just a single person, everyones voice should be heard.

If you would like to send me something in the post the old fashioned way, like a post card, then you can mail it to:

PO Box 823
Bondi Junction,
NSW 1355

Well, that's about it. I hope you have a great time using the products as much as I do writing and using them myself.

How do you pronounce Ortabe? What does it mean?

Ortabe is an "invented word". It's a play on words, probably more slang with a bit of an Australian pronunciation.


Ought to be

with an Australian sounding accent

Ought ta be

Replace Ought-ta with Or-ta

Now you know where the name comes from, and possibly make more sense of the slogan "Life ortabe simple and fun!".